Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TA ta ta

Just dropping a note whilst TAing:

registered for my courses for next semester: phil: critical thinking and phil: intro to metaphysics, also cis: digital systems, cis: computer graphics, and cis: compilers -- compilers isn't actually signed up yet, I have to get waived in like everyone else.

finally got "The Great Hunt", book 2 of the Wheel of Time back. I'd left it on the plane on the return-trip from Tucson. Also bought "The Light Fantastic", because I freaking love discworld.

Started reading manga. Got through a volume of Legend of the Strongest Man: Kurosawa last night, and I've started on Trigun. Downloaded Gambling Emperor Zero v1 and 2 as well. I'm gonna check what sort of things I find at the end of the internet for marvel comics now. I knew I liked this format - just never got into it.

It's a time of great opportunity: Networking and Modelling aren't due until late November, and there's no more midterms. I have only to push forward on 3750 and get a decent (>75%) mark, same with databases, and I can safely devote some time to side projects. I'm looking at you, Awesome.

Which reminds me: What the hell, blogroll? I've posted since "Still Working". I posted last night. I posted a week or two ago. Yet you insist on showing that I haven't worked on my project in 3 months. I've remade the blogroll, deleted caches, tried alternate URLs, it always pulls up some ancient thing out of the XML. confusion++;

I'll try to figure that out

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