Sunday, January 25, 2009

Man things get busy quick.

SOCIS, 2750, Digital, Operating Systems, Letters, Roboticon, 1200-TAing, laptop crashes... Just when am I going to be able to watch Andy Richter Controls the Universe?!

Things have been very busy recently. I would be (joyfully) working on 2750 right now, but I have a letter to write. I'd be doing that, but I have OS and DS (Operating and Digital Systems) to do... They're kind of competing here, as this OS assignment is worth way more, but this DS assignment is due first. Actually I only remembered that OS is worth way more than DS as I wrote that ... *researching*

Okay yeah. This is one of 3 OS assignments, and is worth 10% of my final mark. Conversely this is one of 10 DS assignments, and is worth 1.5% of my final mark.

If I quickly try to do what DS I can, then I can switch over to OS and put in a lion's share of time there. Yeah. If I can get OS to a reasonable spot, then I can do letters, and then 2750! ... Man.

Also co-op stuff. I haven't done nearly enough co-op stuff. I've been sidetracked from writing this by doing stuff. Write more another time.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

School's in for the Semester.

As opposed to out for summer.

I'm not at all ready, but that's okay with me. I have Digital Fundamentals, Operating Systems, 2750, Algorithms, and a TA meeting tomorrow. Fun stuff.

(For my use later: They are at 10:30/227, 11:30/124, 12:30/117, 2:30/029, 3:30/Dyer's Office tomorrow)


So I just played a bunch of piano, by which I mean I played around with a piano a bunch. I'm using a lesson book my friend Robyn has, it was pretty enjoyable - but I reached a certain point and just needed to stop or something.

Over new year's a few friends and I played Risk: The Game of World Domination. It was swell. We all used computers to talk strategy back and forth, and everyone played a pretty unique and interesting role, we will have to play again. We made an awesome setup with the board on a large piece of wood balanced on a few piles of stuff (books, TVs, etc), and moved our chairs in around it, in a room that could be called The Perfect Game Room.

As a reflection on the break ... I didn't really do that much. Which is not to say I did nothing - but as usual, I didn't become the paragon of productivity I had intended to. This is not a surprise, but disappointing nonetheless. I traveled, played video games, read Ender's Shadow, learned things, wrote programs, played music, watched Television, cleaned, and thought - so I guess that's enough for some guy.

Also, I started a twitter. I'm pretty happy about it still - that could pass.

Anyway, off to continue cutting things off my todo list before school.