Monday, November 2, 2009

Breaking the rules

It's 2:03, and I promised myself about a week (maybe a bit more?) ago that I would absolutely fundamentally definitely start going to bed by 1 as a soft deadline, with 2 as an absolute final hard deadline. By 2 AM, I would be lying down in my bed, trying to sleep.

Well, here we are. 2:04.

I'll be done this in a few minutes, it's okay. I feel like this quarter hour of blogging is more important to me in the long run than this quarter hour of sleep. I'd rather look back and remember this, than vaguely remember a dream I may have had at some point in the future. So let's move on! (this was the title's namesake by the way, I broke my new rule. This isn't the first, the last, or even a notable time I've done so). So let's move on to a few random tidbits worth mentioning.

Justice is awesome. I've known this for a while (I started listening in earnest back in the summer), but some things, like their unreleased fabriclive mix, are just staggeringly good.

I became vegetarian after being vegan. My original reasoning for switching to being vegan was that we have no right to hold any dominion over any creature, aside from the thought of "might is right", which isn't at all universalisable, or even really that reasonable at all. A friend of mine (Andrew Stoneburgh) suggested the argument that we are actually being farmed right now. What if we're in the matrix, and being farmed, would I be cool with that or freak out about it? And after some deep consideration, I'm really okay with it. I am fine with that thought. Continuing that, if I'm okay with being farmed without my consent, it is unreasonable for me to have a problem with farming animals. I do still have problems with the way they are treated, absolutely. I just don't feel like the very notion of farming is evil or wrong, which brings use of animal products back into reasonability. Still not okay with killing them for their meat though.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm hoping that November will be a good, productive month. I don't have too much to think about scheduling wise, just TAing and assignments at the end, and 3750. Signing up for courses as soon as possible, and OSAP for next semester. Hoping to take Compilers with McCaughan, Graphics with Calvert, and some other stuff or something.

Okay, it's 2:33. Half an hour is enough. Goodnight, world.

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