Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wind is so awesome it's already the past tense of victory

The world got intensely windy in the past 20 minutes, and it's incredibly neat.

It's raining out, but I think I've got to go outside. Ridiculous wind.



Transitional stages suck.

Once you get settled in, hunkered down, into the groove, whatever flashy cliche you'd like to use - work gets a lot easier. Time flies by but the work flies by faster and you look around to think "Wow, I can't believe I've done all this stuff!" and feel proud. Then you decide to grab a sandwich and take a break and it's approximately a hundred trillion years before you can concentrate again.

I'd like to know if people who work this way (because really, it's difficult to believe that we all work this way) get more done, or less done, than people who don't.

The type of work that gets done during those focused periods is incredible! It boggles the mind to think about how ridiculously productive a person can be - but then there's these innumerable lengthy periods of downtime hanging about and you might come out at a balance overall, or even a loss on productivity.

Anyway, I'm in one of those places right now.

I want to be doing stuff, but there are a million little things pulling in different directions. I want to play video games but they're in Windows - just the slight bit of difficulty to boot out is enough to make it not worthwhile. I want to do some animation but it takes a level of concentration I really don't feel I have at the moment. I want to go to sleep but I've been drinking a lot of pop and I don't want to just waste my time in a comatose state. I'd love to watch more Scrubs but that means downloading more and I've already watched several hours of it tonight.

I want to make food but I don't have anything complete to eat: Pasta without sauce, soup without crackers, cereal with old milk.

I want to clean my room and do laundry but it's the middle of the night and cold everywhere - it'd mean being up for the next several hours.

Most of all I want to stop whining on about my completely non-problems, but here I am complaining away, wah wah wah, 'I can't make up my mind on simple things booo' - it's kind of pathetic.

I think I'll work on the taxonomy - by which I mean think about the taxonomy while I tidy the room and somewhere in there, fall asleep.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ahhh, no! Back ye vile bout of inactivity!

I'd like you all to appreciate what I'm doing here.

Just take a minute and savour in it. Yes. Let's paint us up a picture of the moment. It's 4:54, I'm tired, cranky, a little crazy. I'm looking at the television and NOT at the keyboard (what a madman I am!) and I'm typing on my blog. I said I'd probably be going to bed some .. oh, 4 hours ago, and here I sit, tip tap typing away. The reason? The reason that, on December 22nd, at nearly 5 AM, outside of my normal comfort zone of roomness, I am typing - temporary pause, show more respect to Peter Sellers. - anyway I am typing out onto my blog for a simple reason. To alleviate this recent lack of content.

"You can't fight in here, this is the war room!" - god he was hilarious.

Anyway, I've been busy is the answer to the question now plaguing your deep-thinking mind. I've been busy and doing things, things like assignments and exams and studying and passport getting and then later on sleeping and relaxing and watching large amounts of television, and then sleeping more and then travelling and g-daying, and all sorts of fun activities. But the key phrase to take away from my endless stream of jabber is that I have indeed been "busy". Doing Things. Now I am less so, and I am going to report.

Which, having typed this all out, I need to say: when I get diarrhea of the typing, maybe it's best just to pretend you know what's going on and should I ask you your opinion about a blog post I've made, tell me "Oh, I'm not interested in Pokemon." - and then we'll laugh and I'll hate you forever. It'll be a great experience.

So I'm at mom's at the moment, and I've been reading about Turing machines and the hacking subculture and riots and a host of other things. I just finished watching (and only really 3/4 paying attention to) Pulp Fiction - so I've been doing a lot tonight. I've decided that there's too much that I want to learn to just keep in my head. So I'll have to do something about it.

I head back home on the 26th-28th, and will write more here then at the latest. Maybe sooner? Time will tell. I'll elabourate on other topics in their proper places.

Post Script: I totally almost wrote "I'd like to take a minute; just sit right there" near the beginning of this post. Awesome.