Monday, November 9, 2009

The next few weeks, schoolwise

and a tiny bit of databases

Networking I've got a good mental start on. I'm agreeing so far with Martin on using a linked list - I considered just making a big buffer and filling it in using some neat math, but that...

that sounds complicated. Easy to write out, hard to set up. I'd much rather save each datagram into a list and then sort the list, and iterate through it to write it out/test whether or not stuff was received. So I'm going to set up my listeners, send out the request, read everything in, sort and check my data (likelier I'll sort as I read), rerequest what I haven't got, repeat until I've got everything, then write the data out. Cool.

Haven't looked at modelling or databases yet. Will do so soon.

Have a meeting for 3750 tomorrow, we'll have discussion and such, and get back on track.

Alright, school is looking manageable. Modelling and Networking are both due circa Nov 26th, DB will be sooner, and 3750 is ongoing and constant. This iteration (final) is due next Thursday.

Then Finals!

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