Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Things

I just finally replaced those awful speakers I've been dealing with for the past few years. There was an issue with the power connection on them, and my jerry-rigged solution finally gave out. I had the power cord pegged underneath my computer monitor, and a deck of magic cards holding pressure on the speaker. It was awful. Anyway, these are nothing crazy - just a $40 2.0 system that doesn't sound awful. Insignias from Future Shop.

I also bought headphones - after so foolishly leaving my other pair in a classroom, I decided I would shell out for another pair and just take much better care of them. Sennheiser PMX-60's. I like them so far, and bought the replacement warranty, so I can be abusive to them like I'd like to be. .. I also just checked them out online and found I've overpaid by about $20. Presently deciding if it's worth the hassle of returning them and waiting for shipping.

Going to work on 2750 tonight, and probably watch some Scrubs. I've got big ideas for how to reorganize that code - and I'm excited to get in there and do this right. Also bought a sweater that I swear Sheldon could wear.

A sentence I'm happy with: "Sometimes you make me feel... Like I am Worf and we are on the Starship Enterprise."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The coding (working) groove

As a personal note:

I love working. I love coding, reading, playing music, doing math questions - counting these here as types of work - they are always intensely fun. I just also love doing nothing. If one were to count it as a type of work for the sake of argument, then you could say I get stuck in the groove of doing nothing.

This is just one more brick in the wall that reads: Whatever you have to do, you have less time to do it than you believe. Whoever you love knows it less than you think they do, and whatever you apply yourself to, you can enjoy.

I guess it's a bit of a steal from "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

-also, Microsoft Interview time is scheduled. I'll be writing about this more soon.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mission: Success

Slightly less time spent running about than I planned on, but I covered good ground. My trip went as follows...

Part I

Ran around the college bend,
Trotted up to the Hanlon,
Slinked onto Centennial's grounds,
Maneuvered to the top of the sled hill,
Rollicked down the slope,
Frollicked across the field,
Sauntered onto the hidden path,
Emerged onto Edinburgh.

Part II

Trekked toward downtown,
Rocked into the great river,
Walked across Wellington,
Strolled up to Waterloo.
Stole past the Montessori School,
Followed under the train tracks,
Visited God in his house,
Caught a falling star.

Part III

Ate the rice of the double sun,
Stood in the royal bank with everyone,
Jogged across the square,
Wandered down baker to the bridge.
Revisited old haunts,
Returned home nostalgic,
Fled long held memories,
Worshipped long known prophecies.

Part IV

Heard the oncoming future,
Zipped along the tunnel,
Descended the hilltop stairs,
Bounded onto the hundred,
Found my way to Elizabeth,
Hopped a bus back downtown,
Purhased a Large Quebec (and got my own fork),
Stalked beneath the tracks.

Part V

Ate past the silent fast food stores,
Texted on the bridge,
Explored through the park,
Deposited my garbage.
Sang my song to a different tune,
Bolted up the hill,
Greeted an unforeseen friend,
Wound up back home.

Ah, what a way to express an adventure. I had fun. Especially the falling star, and the simultaneous train viewing. That was a good touch. We are now on the flipside: you have been caught.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Enjoy this while I can.

My feet work. I am not ill. For the first time in a half decade I simply feel good.

I am going on an adventure. New music: check. Ambitious plans: check.

Catch you on the flipside.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another quick bit here-

I need to sleep better, clean more, organize more, and think less.

... That is all? I wouldn't say work more or harder, but work smarter for sure. Like that screensaver from mom's 486 back in 1992. "Don't work harder, work smarter! Do it!"

Yeah. Too late at night. Goodnight, moon.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quick note

I have a job and I'm going somewhere neat. I got through 2750 (barely) but I'm gonna have to gear up again real soon.

Lots of meetings and events and everything coming up this week. Reading week right after. CS Games moving forward and Roboticon on the horizon. Gotta SRM AGM and other stuff.. so much to do, but it's all very rewarding-feeling.

Gonna go watch Tom Cruise be the man.