Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mission: Success

Slightly less time spent running about than I planned on, but I covered good ground. My trip went as follows...

Part I

Ran around the college bend,
Trotted up to the Hanlon,
Slinked onto Centennial's grounds,
Maneuvered to the top of the sled hill,
Rollicked down the slope,
Frollicked across the field,
Sauntered onto the hidden path,
Emerged onto Edinburgh.

Part II

Trekked toward downtown,
Rocked into the great river,
Walked across Wellington,
Strolled up to Waterloo.
Stole past the Montessori School,
Followed under the train tracks,
Visited God in his house,
Caught a falling star.

Part III

Ate the rice of the double sun,
Stood in the royal bank with everyone,
Jogged across the square,
Wandered down baker to the bridge.
Revisited old haunts,
Returned home nostalgic,
Fled long held memories,
Worshipped long known prophecies.

Part IV

Heard the oncoming future,
Zipped along the tunnel,
Descended the hilltop stairs,
Bounded onto the hundred,
Found my way to Elizabeth,
Hopped a bus back downtown,
Purhased a Large Quebec (and got my own fork),
Stalked beneath the tracks.

Part V

Ate past the silent fast food stores,
Texted on the bridge,
Explored through the park,
Deposited my garbage.
Sang my song to a different tune,
Bolted up the hill,
Greeted an unforeseen friend,
Wound up back home.

Ah, what a way to express an adventure. I had fun. Especially the falling star, and the simultaneous train viewing. That was a good touch. We are now on the flipside: you have been caught.

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