Saturday, August 8, 2009

Typing can be enjoyable for the sake of it

Every once in a while, when you get into a certain state of mind, you can easily think of what you want your hands to say and just let them fly acrsoss the keyboard for an extended period of time, as I"m doing now. It's cathartic, really, kind of a close bond between you and the machine. You just think, type, and try to take the buffer out between. Don't even look at it - at the keys, at the sctreen, just close your eyes and let the text spread out beneath you like a warm safe cloud.

I find I run upon that certain style of thought very early in the morning, when I still exist in a day the rest of the world has moved successfully on from. Living in the past, you might say, puts me into a place where my disjoint mind can do naught but want to spout out a never ending stream of ASCII love.

There are those who would take the humorous phrase, "diarrhea of the mouth", and appropriate it for the keyboard: "diarrhea of the hands" or "fingers", which manages to at once make the whole thing less and more disgusting. I am not one of those - but I am aware of them.

I saw 500 Days of Summer last night, and Terminator: Salvation (on to very different factors of form) and enjoyed them both (Terminator less). Perhaps the Esquire Article is onto something with a supposition that Sam Worthington is a very great actor (he fared well in McG's slaughterhouse, as did Anton Yelchin. But Yelchin always fares well.), and I was positively enthralled by the work of Marc Webb, Zooey Deschanel, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Funny and watchable, well composed and endearing. I've also finally called Joseph Gordon-Levitt by his actual name, instead of (I confess!), "that kid from 3rd rock" or "angels in the outfield". I'll strive to keep it up.

So I'm done now, my hands are no longer playing that mad piano game with my mind and are starting to make typos at merely par. Good morning to you, good night to me, and let's all have a chat sometime later this weekend yes?


gosh italics are fun

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