Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hard to settle

So far I've played with Python, learned some piano, written a program to help me learn large-number multiplication, played hours of Ogre Battle 64, and watched the first season and a half of Weeds. Also seen friends, walked many kilometers, and slept gratuitously.

I think a haircut is in order. Maybe not today, maybe the 27th or so. Also, laundry.

I'm going to move forward with watching the SICL videos, and then dive into the Graphics/Language stuff. Math can happen in my spare time, as can piano. I've also got a phone-interview for an internship today. I'm not certain quite what to expect - algorithms and code-related questions, a history of myself, or just good discussion. I hope it goes well.

It's been wonderful to have time not committed - when I decide I want to do something, I can generally just go do it. I've learned a lot and I feel much happier than I have in weeks.

I also fixed up my home-server's webpage, have read a bunch of my various books (Contact, The God Particle, the latest Wheel of Time book), listened to a TON of the music I've accrued over the past semester, and played with some VMs. Installing Slackware is an interesting experience to say the least.

I'll post back in a few days (likely just post-christmas) about my progress on SICL, Python, Graphics, and my C-spitting-extensions to C.

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