Sunday, January 4, 2009

School's in for the Semester.

As opposed to out for summer.

I'm not at all ready, but that's okay with me. I have Digital Fundamentals, Operating Systems, 2750, Algorithms, and a TA meeting tomorrow. Fun stuff.

(For my use later: They are at 10:30/227, 11:30/124, 12:30/117, 2:30/029, 3:30/Dyer's Office tomorrow)


So I just played a bunch of piano, by which I mean I played around with a piano a bunch. I'm using a lesson book my friend Robyn has, it was pretty enjoyable - but I reached a certain point and just needed to stop or something.

Over new year's a few friends and I played Risk: The Game of World Domination. It was swell. We all used computers to talk strategy back and forth, and everyone played a pretty unique and interesting role, we will have to play again. We made an awesome setup with the board on a large piece of wood balanced on a few piles of stuff (books, TVs, etc), and moved our chairs in around it, in a room that could be called The Perfect Game Room.

As a reflection on the break ... I didn't really do that much. Which is not to say I did nothing - but as usual, I didn't become the paragon of productivity I had intended to. This is not a surprise, but disappointing nonetheless. I traveled, played video games, read Ender's Shadow, learned things, wrote programs, played music, watched Television, cleaned, and thought - so I guess that's enough for some guy.

Also, I started a twitter. I'm pretty happy about it still - that could pass.

Anyway, off to continue cutting things off my todo list before school.

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