Friday, November 7, 2008

4 Blogs and a Server

I tried to make a "4 Weddings and a Funeral" reference there, but it's pretty weak. Probably because I've never actually seen the movie. Yeah.

So this is the Kickass Home Base of my new life strategy (pretty exciting, hey?) - and I'm feeling good about it so far. It's essentially (as the title should indicate to you) about 4 blogs and a server. I'll give you the lowdown:

Blog One: Todo List. I'll set up the blog-by-email thing so that I can just tag stuff up and check my todo list on the fly without having to log into something. Also a good way to leave quick notes for myself.

Blog Two: Ideas. When I have a neat idea in the middle of the night or when I'm sitting at my desk or wandering somewhere, I often jot it down. Rather than storing it on a slice of a dead tree or in a multigigabyte folder full of .2kb text files, I can just plop it with a tag into a blog. How's that for Content Management?

Blog Three: Awesome. I always want to do things - like code stuff, write stuff, compose stuff, read stuff, but I rarely actually settle and do them. This is a measured effort to make that more possible, and it works in a few ways.
  1. By investing time into the ability to do things, I'll feel worse about it if I don't actually do anything.

  2. By documenting the process of actually getting started, and creating a vast support infrastructure (these four blogs) to allow me to get started much faster and be more organized about it.

  3. By allowing an incremental growth of projects by keeping them on an incremental style online medium (blogs) and making heavy use of SVN (revisions) so that I can invest a few hours into a project and have it mean something, rather than require large blocks of time before I even start things.

  4. I find a lot of the other reasoning difficult to verbalise. Some of it is (at this point) just momentum. A big plus of the blog format is that I get to show people if they're interested; and they could (hopefully) take useful things away from my experience.
Blog Four: Kickass Home Base. This is the 'standard' blog, which is more or less just a place for my more personal updates to go. That doesn't mean that this will be all about the things I did today (though it could be) - it means that this will be about whatever really needs to be said or analysed. I'm going to try to keep it tech based, but occasionally I might just post a short story or explain a Seinfeldian situation or something. We'll see.

Server: Woz. SVN and compilers and space and Apache and PHP and Python and Ruby and every tool a young hacker could want (or at least, the tools to get them; which is in a turingish way, all of them) will allow me to actually try to / do things that I want to do. All this infrastructure and planning isn't worth a pile of beans without the actual machines.

So that's my 4 blogs and a server plan. This is all in an effort to just generally be more productive. To write more, code more, think more, and do more. Up next is Step 4 of Awesome; where I decide what my first project is. Something small to start, I think.

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